Charge your EV anywhere in Switzerland!

Charge your EV anywhere in Switzerland!

Charge your EV anywhere in Switzerland!

Charge your EV anywhere in Switzerland!

Available throughout Switzerland

VMOTION is a public charging network, the first of its kind in Switzerland, covering 322 charging stations.

1,600 additional charging stations are to be built over the next 3 years. Together with its partners, VMOTION will offer over 3,000 charging stations by 2019.

Each charging station is equipped with multi-standard plugs for your convenience. In cases where there is a charging fee, this can be conveniently settled using your VMOTION account, by text, or using a contactless credit card.

Technical support available 24/7 at 058 221 96 60

Subscription support available at 021 544 04 42


A service that fits your use

Whether you use VMOTION frequently or occasionally, VMOTION fits your needs by offering a free pay-as-you-go option, as well as an annual subscription that gives you access to preferential charging rates.



If you only need to charge your vehicle less than 3 times a month or you simply want to use VMOTION occasionally, sign up for the free pay-as-you-go option and start charging your vehicle immediately using our mobile app.

CHF 1.50 + 0.50 / kWh


CHF 59.00 per year

If you charge your car regularly, become a member and enjoy access to the charging network at preferential rates. In addition to access via the app, you will also receive your VMOTION access card free of charge.

CHF 0.45 / kWh

If you have a SwissPass, register faster and use your SwissPass to charge your vehicle:
Register with your SwissPass

Available on iOS and Android

With our app you can quickly find the nearest available charging station.

Start and stop your charge with a single click.

You can even use the app to reserve your charging station in advance! You may begin to charge your vehicle immediately after signing up.

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